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Withdrawing Mobile Money at Equity ATMs

How to withdraw from M-Pesa at an Equity ATM

Equity has been at the forefront of providing our customers and all Kenyans with opportunities to access and manage their money.  One of the things that I was reminded of in a recent visit to an Equity branch was the ability of mobile money users to utilize Equity ATMs to withdraw money from their stored value accounts (e.g., M-Pesa and yuCash).

Above and below are the posters that are on the wall in the ATM area.

The posters demonstrate how enabling this type of functionality requires collaboration and integration between the mobile network operator and Equity.  For both M-Pesa and yuCash, it’s 4 steps on the phone and 4 steps on the ATM.

Interestingly, it’s slightly more expensive to withdraw cash from M-Pesa via ATM than via agents at the lower value tiers and it’s slightly cheaper to withdraw via ATM than via agents at the higher value tiers.

Given that agents are often reported to have huge challenges with liquidity, Equity ATMs provide a compelling option for Kenyans looking to withdraw cash from both M-Pesa and yuCash.

How to withdraw yuCash at Equity ATM


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Cash Merchant Branding

One of the main differences from the US that you notice about Kenya (and other countries in Africa) immediately when driving around is the vigor with which building paint jobs are converted into advertising opportunities.  Driving along main roadways, one is treated to a colorful collection of brightly-painted and branded stores and shops.   It’s not that these shops are painting their own brand on their exterior – instead, the major national brands pay to paint the exteriors of local restaurants, shops, and hotels.

That provides a colorful backdrop for the growing proliferation of cash merchant[1] brands, painted walls and signage everywhere you turn.  It’s been a few months now, but a trip to Kisumu provided a great example of the many cash merchant brands and their varied executions.

Without further ado, the pictures:

[1] Moving forward, I will refer to any outlet that serves cash-in/cash-out services as cash merchants.  Recent legislation in Kenya has clarified that what we’ve all been calling agents (such as M-Pesa ‘agents’) are actually cash merchants.  Full agents are differentiated in that they can provide additional financial services such as loans, insurance, etc.


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Equity Bank’s Mobile Products

One thing that often comes up when talking to our customers is that people are confused by the different Equity mobile products available.  We have moved swiftly over the last year to build and launch many mobile financial services and there hasn’t been a cohesive explanation of how they all fit together.  If I had to sum it up: we want to provide a mobile financial solution for every Kenyan – whether you’re already a mobile money user with one of the telcos or if you would rather be independent of the telco products.

So here goes a brief attempt.

Eazzy 24/7

Orange Money


Customer Benefit More ways to access and use your Equity bank account no matter what carrier you’re on. Get the great user experience of STK with the security and functionality of a full bank account. Easily and conveniently move money between your M-Pesa account and a bank account.
Channels of Access USSD, SMS, WAP, and J2ME STK & USSD STK
Customer Charges
  • Same as typical bank fees for all features
  • Customer pays for connectivity
  • M-Pesa -> M-Kesho: Free
  • M-Kesho -> M-Pesa: 30 KES
  • Bank balance, mini statement: 5 KES

Eazzy 24/7: Eazzy 24/7 is our independent and “purely Equity” way for Equity customers to manage and take action on their Equity bank accounts.  We have made Eazzy 24/7 available through multiple channels: USSD, SMS, WAP, and J2ME[1].  With Eazzy 24/7 you can look up your account balance, purchase airtime (for your own phone or someone else’s), transfer money to another person’s bank account, pay bills, request a mini statement and even apply for a short-term loan[2].

Orange Money: Orange Money is a collaborative effort between Orange and Equity.  Orange customers can sign up for and open an Orange Money account which has an Equity bank account at its core.  It’s accessible on USSD as well as on the SIM Toolkit (STK) and it offers similar functionality: look up your account balance, purchase airtime (for your own phone or someone else’s), transfer money to another person’s bank account, pay bills, and request a mini statement.

M-Kesho: M-Kesho is a collaborative effort between Safaricom’s M-Pesa and Equity.  Registered M-Pesa users can sign up for an M-Kesho account which is an Equity bank account that is linked directly to their M-Pesa account.  A major benefit of M-Kesho is that once registered, the user’s M-Pesa menu on the STK is updated with an M-Kesho section.  M-Kesho offers our customers several advantages over keeping money in their M-Pesa account, including: account deposit protection, no limit to the amount that can be saved (M-Pesa has a limit), and interest earned above a minimum threshold.  Money can be conveniently transferred between your M-Pesa account and your M-Kesho account to take advantage of these features.

Beyond these mobile products, Equity has also enabled Kenyans to withdraw cash from their M-Pesa and Yu Cash accounts from all of our ATMs, providing a great alternative to cash merchants in cases where the cash merchants don’t have enough float.

What do you think — any questions about Equity’s mobile products?

[1] After registering for Eazzy 24/7, it can be accessed over USSD by entering in *247#; over WAP at and the J2ME apps are available for download from

[2] This service, called “Temporary Over-Draft,” is only available once a customer signs up once at a branch – thereafter it can be done entirely over the mobile phone.


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