Withdrawing Mobile Money at Equity ATMs

How to withdraw from M-Pesa at an Equity ATM

Equity has been at the forefront of providing our customers and all Kenyans with opportunities to access and manage their money.  One of the things that I was reminded of in a recent visit to an Equity branch was the ability of mobile money users to utilize Equity ATMs to withdraw money from their stored value accounts (e.g., M-Pesa and yuCash).

Above and below are the posters that are on the wall in the ATM area.

The posters demonstrate how enabling this type of functionality requires collaboration and integration between the mobile network operator and Equity.  For both M-Pesa and yuCash, it’s 4 steps on the phone and 4 steps on the ATM.

Interestingly, it’s slightly more expensive to withdraw cash from M-Pesa via ATM than via agents at the lower value tiers and it’s slightly cheaper to withdraw via ATM than via agents at the higher value tiers.

Given that agents are often reported to have huge challenges with liquidity, Equity ATMs provide a compelling option for Kenyans looking to withdraw cash from both M-Pesa and yuCash.

How to withdraw yuCash at Equity ATM


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