Equity Bank’s Mobile Products

One thing that often comes up when talking to our customers is that people are confused by the different Equity mobile products available.  We have moved swiftly over the last year to build and launch many mobile financial services and there hasn’t been a cohesive explanation of how they all fit together.  If I had to sum it up: we want to provide a mobile financial solution for every Kenyan – whether you’re already a mobile money user with one of the telcos or if you would rather be independent of the telco products.

So here goes a brief attempt.

Eazzy 24/7

Orange Money


Customer Benefit More ways to access and use your Equity bank account no matter what carrier you’re on. Get the great user experience of STK with the security and functionality of a full bank account. Easily and conveniently move money between your M-Pesa account and a bank account.
Channels of Access USSD, SMS, WAP, and J2ME STK & USSD STK
Customer Charges
  • Same as typical bank fees for all features
  • Customer pays for connectivity
  • M-Pesa -> M-Kesho: Free
  • M-Kesho -> M-Pesa: 30 KES
  • Bank balance, mini statement: 5 KES

Eazzy 24/7: Eazzy 24/7 is our independent and “purely Equity” way for Equity customers to manage and take action on their Equity bank accounts.  We have made Eazzy 24/7 available through multiple channels: USSD, SMS, WAP, and J2ME[1].  With Eazzy 24/7 you can look up your account balance, purchase airtime (for your own phone or someone else’s), transfer money to another person’s bank account, pay bills, request a mini statement and even apply for a short-term loan[2].

Orange Money: Orange Money is a collaborative effort between Orange and Equity.  Orange customers can sign up for and open an Orange Money account which has an Equity bank account at its core.  It’s accessible on USSD as well as on the SIM Toolkit (STK) and it offers similar functionality: look up your account balance, purchase airtime (for your own phone or someone else’s), transfer money to another person’s bank account, pay bills, and request a mini statement.

M-Kesho: M-Kesho is a collaborative effort between Safaricom’s M-Pesa and Equity.  Registered M-Pesa users can sign up for an M-Kesho account which is an Equity bank account that is linked directly to their M-Pesa account.  A major benefit of M-Kesho is that once registered, the user’s M-Pesa menu on the STK is updated with an M-Kesho section.  M-Kesho offers our customers several advantages over keeping money in their M-Pesa account, including: account deposit protection, no limit to the amount that can be saved (M-Pesa has a limit), and interest earned above a minimum threshold.  Money can be conveniently transferred between your M-Pesa account and your M-Kesho account to take advantage of these features.

Beyond these mobile products, Equity has also enabled Kenyans to withdraw cash from their M-Pesa and Yu Cash accounts from all of our ATMs, providing a great alternative to cash merchants in cases where the cash merchants don’t have enough float.

What do you think — any questions about Equity’s mobile products?

[1] After registering for Eazzy 24/7, it can be accessed over USSD by entering in *247#; over WAP at https://m.equitybank.co.ke/wap and the J2ME apps are available for download from https://m.equitybank.co.ke.

[2] This service, called “Temporary Over-Draft,” is only available once a customer signs up once at a branch – thereafter it can be done entirely over the mobile phone.



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24 responses to “Equity Bank’s Mobile Products

  1. jaymo

    Equity is a house of innovations and what we need to appreciate they fill the gaps by venturing where the FORMERLY BIG PLAYERS would not touch.The beauty is that one is spoilt for choice with the convergence of all the Telcos.Don’t we just like the speed with which Equity has eveolved in products offering.

    TOD allow customers to access money that in simple terms they dont have but due to their credit worthiness and need to empower all and save time the same is automated and no need to keep applying all the times as it is more of as revolving facility

    • Thanks for the comment, Jaymo. I can confirm that at Equity we’re always trying to find ways to serve the un-banked and under-banked in new ways. Appreciate your thoughts!

    • Patrick

      Hello, while i was renewing my ATM card i was only offered to register for easy 24/7 but not m-kesho, y cant both forms be given and registered at a go?

  2. John Odunga

    Its better if you introduce away on how we can deposit money thru m-pesa accounts rather than going to the agents?

  3. Joyce Nkininah

    could i kindly send me my account balance through my email address without being registered to Eazzy 24/7?

  4. charles

    i wish ur staff can be more customer friendly n explain all the terms and charges to customers

  5. mwaura

    how can i access my main account(not Mkesho) through phone?

  6. joshua mutune

    i just like the way u r doing.keep it up!

  7. Symo

    Equity bank is a bridge for everyone,it has made banking easier en afordable,by use of mobile banking itz wow,thanx equity

  8. christian samba

    Does Equity bank have a facility under Eazzy24/7 where customers can withdraw cash from their accoubnt from the phone and deposit in M-pesa account? This will reduce time taken to que withdrtaw and deposit cash from M – pesa agents.

  9. i love equity bank so much!



  11. Esther

    thanks equity for mobile banking, i am an equity bank account holder and i am very disappointed with Eazy 24/7, every time i try transferring cash i am charged alot of money by safaricom for nothing and no service is offered, every time i get a text sorry this service is not available right now try again later and they charge alot of money for nothing. could your kind offices do something.

    • nick mwenda

      esther, we are in this together. Just called the call centre in equity and complained of the same. The equity bank agent claimed that ‘nothing that can be done, it is the system. It is between the bank and safaricom’. Equity bank has joined suffericon to do what the latter knows to do best: to con us. With over 5 million subscribers on the this 247 thing, charged at 5 bob per transaction of a service not delivered, never ask where all these range rover sport that are all over the city coming from. Nkt!

    • onesmus

      Get a Java enabled phone and then install Eazzy 247 software and you will be able to transact using normal internet charges without involving sms. With this i am able to do many things like airtime top up, money transfer to other person’s a/c, mini statement ,paybills, stock market reports and many more.

  12. virginia mbithi

    how can i get the bronchure for easy 24/7 in my phone, download the facility and get it working.

  13. Arlingtone barasa

    Good job! Bravo!

  14. Lokori Steve Echuwa

    Equity has made it easy for people in the interior to access banking easily.
    Where the bank branch is unavailable an agent is there to facilitate it.
    Y is it becoming hard to open an account sijawi open nimejaribu leo imegoma na sina account yeyote ya Equity,kuna shida gani? Please nijuzeni kinachoendelea. 0716313966

  15. fredrick oduor

    l have been senting several message 2 eazzy 247 but not getting respond,the message so far l get is tht the service is not available,shoking enough l am charged,how can the necessary authority help me.

  16. rozie

    can i acess my account on my laptop rather than my phone

  17. Kevin

    Under what condition do one get loan from m- kesho

  18. susan mogotu

    Pliz help, i want to be an equity agent but i here its along prosess. what do i do? AV Mpesa n an account in equity but not active.

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